The foods that will sustain us are bright, colorful and whole.

Our nutritional needs are significant and the stresses of our daily not always allow for the “perfect” food day...

Progress instead of perfection is a wonderful perspective. Eating well, resting well and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise is so important but not always easy. Green foods and supplements provide our bodies with a chance to detoxify gently, maintain energy and give deep nourishment to all physiological symptoms.

Science has taught us that “free radicals” are destructive molecules and that our environment is assaulting us with these toxins. At the most basic level they rob us of energy and vitality. In a more progressed state they contribute to the formation of disease. Anti-oxidants are the “fighters” that help to fend off the harmful effects of free radicals and neutralize their impact on our health. Incorporating green foods into our daily life provides an abundance of antioxidants. Green veggies and supplements also support colon and heart health. They are an excellent source of calcium and provide healthy doses of potassium. They are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, foliate and flavonoids. These rich and vital nutrients prevent cell damage from free radicals.

The current recommendation is at least 5-9 servings of these powerful foods per day. An excellent way to get them is in a drink or smoothie. Here are some tips, recommended products and ideas for getting more greens into your day: