Holistic Health Research Group Mission

The mission of the Holistic Health Research Group (HHRG) is to educate and empower people about health, while advocating on behalf of those who may not have the resources or education to make informed decisions. HHRG will educate people that the pursuit for optimal health is a lifelong journey that may have certain periodic challenges. We will raise public and professional awareness on a wide range of health fronts and empower people to take action that will result in a better quality of life. We will encourage those in the health community to never give up in their search to help their loved ones to reach their full health potential.

That said, welcome to the HHRG website! This website is dedicated to providing you, our readers, with information that is credible, reliable, and verifiable. Information and knowledge fosters a deeper understanding of a holistic approach to living. Our back to basics philosophy is rooted in common sense and personal freedom. The fundamental principles of wellness begin with a foundation of nutrition, rest, stress management and exercise.

We are all connected as we seek a healthier life that allows us to live fully and heal from illness. Contemporary medicine, or allopathy, is based on the treatment of symptoms caused by illness. Holistic Health offers a broader view, encompassing the principles of allopathy along with the body’s inherent healing potential. This opens the individual seeking optimum health to greater knowledge and lifestyle choices. The beauty of a holistic approach to living is that we are able to look beyond illness and discomfort as we seek solutions and discover our body’s inherent healing power. The HHRG explores topics related to lifestyle in the critical healing areas of:

  • natural diet
  • nutritional supplements
  • herbal remedies
  • relaxation
  • mindfulness
  • exercise
  • psychological healing
  • spirituality
  • self-awareness

Moreover, the content on the HHRG website has been meticulously reviewed by James Lent, President and Founder of HHRG, and a wide range of qualified health professionals, in an effort to protect our visitors against misleading and inaccurate information. The HHRG website promotes consumer advocacy and seeks to educate consumers, protect their safety, and expose unfair practices.

Finally, it is important to note that this is not an e-commerce website. The HHRG website’s number one priority is to be a health portal, not a business portal. So, check it out. The HHRG welcomes your comments and questions. We look forward to developing relationships with you, our readers. But, most of all, use the information on this website for the betterment of your health and the health of your loved ones. Enjoy!